Introducing the Tinknocker Tool

The Tinknocker Tool presented by inventor Ron Aho.

Doctor Recommended

Wally Pearson II, MD, from Advanced Center for Orthopedics, talks about the benefits of the Tinknocker Tool.

Tinknocker Tool vs Hammer

Side-by-side comparison of how the Tinknocker Tool (with hammer drill) out performs the age old method of manual hammering.



Get Your Drive On

Tinknocker Tool makes driving cleats faster than ever before


SDS Compatible

Tinknocker Tool attaches to all SDS shanks


Reduced Fatigue

Tinknocker Tool decreases muscle & shoulder fatigue and increases your productivity

Community Assistance & Resources

Invent@NMU helped refine the original design every step of the way - from validation to production. The student staff worked on design changes, CAD drawings, prototypes, and marketing materials. Located in NMU's Jacobetti Complex, Associate Professor, Cale Polkinghorne's Advanced CNC Operations class completed the 50-unit pilot production run as a class project.

Invent@NMU John Walsh (MET) creating Tinknocker Tool CAD
Invent@NMU Austin Morris (MET) manufacturing Tinknocker Tool